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Braking: The brakes are not only there for stopping the bicycle. In  mountain biking it is an essential helper  regarding control and rhythm. Proper use of the brakes : The excessive use of the front and rear brakes can result side-slips. Appropriate road handling comes with continuous adhesion, which cannot be reached with blocking wheels. How to brake : Let’s think of a cars ABS. It is (should be) mandatory in every car so the wheels doesn’t block at braking. On the bike we adjust the braking power. In most case give to the front brake more power, cca 70%. The quality of the ground always determines what you have to do. If you only use the rear brake it can cause side-slips. With moving your body weight you can adjust the power on the front and rear brakes as well. Turning : Do not use the brakes in curves. Always slow down yourself  before it. Stop cycling. The pedals should be horizontal. Always choose an curve where you maintain your stability. Speed up when you come out of the curve. If you are allready an expert then you can ignore all of these warnings :D. Shifting Gears : The goal is, that at every gear you ride with optimal torque. On a Pedelec bike you can choose the appropriate gear for yourself. When shifting decrease the power on the pedals so the chain can easily find the selected cog wheel. Descent : The descent is a very important part in a cycling tour because a wrongly chosen speed can turn the whole trip into a nightmare. In this case you can speed up to 50-60 km/h (40-50 mph). Always choose a velocity that you think is safe. Never assume too much, just because your friend could do it! You can easily have an accident!
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