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Team building programs with Pedelec

We hope we can get you interested and you soon join us as well so that you may spend a few memorable days valuably what is more actively on our adventurous tours.
Adventure tours of different levels of difficulty in Hungary. It is an ideal site for teams who would like to discover our country on pedelec saddle and would be eager to get to know our beloved hills and mountains. We know by experience that the amazement will be bombastic!



Adventure tours in the surroundings of

Donovaly. A lot of people know it as

the place for winter holidays. It is also

why we highly recommend it as a team

building scene. Those who try

themselves here by pedelec they will

definitely think differently about the

steep ski slopes.

         Local tours:

Herrlichen Landschaften

(Beautiful landscapes):

We organize our adventure tours in Austria in real alpine environment. It is a several days adventure because of the distance. People open up by cycling on the wonderful landscape, breath-taking sites, and they think of themselves as part of the whole. Team building is a natural desire for all the participants.  
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